“I had a collection of problems, which to my amazement were resolved in only a few sessions: digestive issues, extreme tiredness after my breakfast, low energy and tendency to nap during the day.
I had also initially asked Samar to put me in the state of Samadhi, which was not achieved in these sessions unfortunately!”

~ F. F.Shahi

“I went to see Samar because I had menopause symptoms like hot flashes and lack of sleep. With just a few sessions couple of months ago I feel much better. I wish I was living in a same city with her.”

~ Maryam

“I was experiencing heart palpitation and arrhythmia during my sleeps followed by shortness of breath and mild chest pain, which would wake me up. And frankly it was a bit scary! My GP suspected of heart problem, but my heart function seemed normal and I was not sure what was happening. After consultation with Samar, she suspected the root of my problem was not heart but deficiency of the energy of lungs probably exasperated by speaking for about 7- 8 hours a day in meetings! I received four treatments from Samar and she also suggested some breathing exercises. My symptoms disappeared after about 3 weeks and have not come back since!”

~ S.S

“I came to Samar for treatment of my chronic acid reflux. I was told by my GP that I am one of those people that have to take stomach acid inhibitor medicines (such as Lansoprazole) for the rest of my life. I had been taking them for several months and it was giving me unpleasant side effects, and I did not want to have to take pills for the rest of my life.
Samar gave me 4 treatments and after that I was able to stop my medicine all together. To my amazement that burning sensation in my stomach was reduced significantly. It was even less than when I was taking the medicine. Of course, I had to be mindful of my diet (similar to I had to even when I was taking the pills). Samar was very thorough in taking my case and her diagnosis and it felt to me she has magical healing hands. I strongly recommend her to anyone that is experiencing pain, illness or imbalance in their body.”

~ M.S

“I have had two operations on my spine and have endured a mild but permanent damage to the root of my sciatica nerve. If I am not careful I can easily get myself into sciatica and lower back pain that can quickly become quite uncomfortable. On 3 occasions I have seen Samar to help me manage the episodes of pain. Each time I have had significant improvement (80%+) within 24 hours of the treatment. I find Samar’s needling to be quite precise and gentle. In one occasion she cupped my back muscles and I could feel my back was already a lot more relaxed as soon as the treatment was over.”

~ Syd