The AcuMoxa Path


Acupuncture is a treatment used for a wide range of problems
It is a powerful method of practice to cure as well as maintain an individual in good health

What happens in an acupuncture session?

As you might know or have experienced, the acupuncture treatment (especially initially) involves a discussion between the client and the practitioner in order to form a clearer picture of the person who requires treatment. Additionally, there will be a brief examination including taking the pulse, looking at the tongue and checking for abdominal and channel (mainly known as Meridians) palpation.
The patient’s role is of great importance to enable the practitioner to make the most appropriate diagnosis. The more accurate the diagnosis is, the better results will be achieved and therefore the shorter the course of the treatment would be.

Insertion using a guide-tube

Alongside the needle* insertion as the primary treatment in acupuncture practice, Moxibustion can play an important therapeutic role for many cases.

*needles used in acupuncture practice are very thin and flexible. Most of the times insertion is pain free and is followed by a pleasant sensation under the skin.

Free hand needle insertion
Moxibustion- on ginger slices

Moxibustion is burning a small cone of a herb (Mugwort) on particular locations to nourish, warm and stimulate the function of a certain acupoint.

Direct Moxibustion